ADSL expert

The Internet market and in particular the one of the ADSL to changed much lately to the amount of operators offering this product to originated a war of prices in which the users have left Venetian but not everything is gold which shines to compensate lost of the beneficial ones the operators are forced to globalise the service and this ends up bringing about an after-sales service we say not all the good one that it would have, that does not have been 15 days without service as a result of a failure, after undergoing exhausting tests by telephone and in many case expensive in numbers 902 or with a line of ADSL with bad quality with you cut and failures with very little time interval.

With our Expert service ADSL we can help them with all these problems and in addition we will give the security him of which its line is in perfect state and in case thus it is not we will leave it in a optimum state.


  • Displacement address of the client.
  • Diagnosis and location of the failure from origin of the line to final position of router.
  • Substitution of the defective elements in the installation Including telephone rosettes and maximum wiring 20m. It is not including router of the operator.
  • In the case of not being able to solve the failure a certificate of quality of the wiring of the client would be given and indicating that the origin problem is in the line given by the operator with the measurements that our personnel realised with their measuring equipment.
  • Price of the service 40,00‚¬ IVA including.
  • Our equipment